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Access 2000


Microsoft Access 2000 Exam Objectives

Skill Sets

Exam Objectives

Planning and Designing Databases

  • Determine appropriate data inputs for your database
  • Determine appropriate data outputs for your database
  • Create table structure
  • Establish table relationships

Working with Access

  • Use the Office Assistant
  • Select an object using the Objects Bar
  • Print database objects (tables, forms, reports, queries)
  • Navigate through records in a table, query, or form
  • Create a database (using a Wizard or in Design View)

Building and modifying tables

  • Create tables by using the Table Wizard
  • Set primary keys
  • Modify field properties
  • Use multiple data types
  • Modify tables using Design View
  • Use the Lookup Wizard
  • Use the input mask wizard

Building and modifying forms

  • Create a form with the Form Wizard
  • Use the Control Toolbox to add controls
  • Modify Format Properties (font, style, font size, color, caption, etc.) of controls
  • Use form sections (headers, footers, detail)
  • Use a Calculated Control on a form

Viewing and organizing information

  • Use the Office Clipboard
  • Switch between object Views
  • Enter records using a datasheet
  • Enter records using a form
  • Delete records from a table
  • Find a record
  • Sort records
  • Apply and remove filters (filter by form and filter by selection)
  • Specify criteria in a query
  • Display related records in a subdatasheet
  • Create a calculated field
  • Create and modify a multi-table select query

Defining relationships

  • Establish relationships
  • Enforce referential integrity

Producing reports

  • Create a report with the Report Wizard
  • Preview and print a report
  • Move and resize a control
  • Modify format properties (font, style, font size, color, caption, etc.)
  • Use the Control Toolbox to add controls
  • Use report sections (headers, footers, detail)
  • Use a Calculated Control in a report

Integrating with other applications

  • Import data to a new table
  • Save a table, query, form as a Web page
  • Publish a presentation to the Web
  • Add Hyperlinks

Using Access Tools

  • Print Database Relationships
  • Backup and Restore a database
  • Compact and Repair a database


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