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Excel 2000


Microsoft Excel 2000 Exam Objectives

Skill Sets

Exam Objectives

Working with cells

  • Use Undo and Redo
  • Clear cell content
  • Enter text, dates, and numbers
  • Edit cell content
  • Go to a specific cell
  • Insert and delete selected cells
  • Cut, copy, paste, paste special and move selected cells, use the Office Clipboard
  • Use Find and Replace
  • Clear cell formats
  • Work with series (AutoFill)
  • Create hyperlinks

Working with files

  • Use Save
  • Use Save As (different name, location, format)
  • Locate and open an existing workbook
  • Create a folder
  • Use templates to create a new workbook
  • Save a worksheet/workbook as a Web Page
  • Send a workbook via email
  • Use the Office Assistant

Formatting worksheets

  • Apply font styles (typeface, size, color and styles)
  • Apply number formats (currency, percent, dates, comma)
  • Modify size of rows and columns
  • Modify alignment of cell content
  • Adjust the decimal place
  • Use the Format Painter
  • Apply autoformat
  • Apply cell borders and shading
  • Merging cells
  • Rotate text and change indents
  • Define, apply, and remove a style

Page setup and printing

  • Preview and print worksheets & workbooks
  • Use Web Page Preview
  • Print a selection
  • Change page orientation and scaling
  • Set page margins and centering
  • Insert and remove a page break
  • Set print, and clear a print area
  • Set up headers and footers
  • Set print titles and options (gridlines, print quality, row & column headings)

Working with worksheets & workbooks

  • Insert and delete rows and columns
  • Hide and unhide rows and columns
  • Freeze and unfreeze rows and columns
  • Change the zoom setting
  • Move between worksheets in a workbook
  • Check spelling
  • Rename a worksheet
  • Insert and Delete worksheets
  • Move and copy worksheets
  • Link worksheets & consolidate data using 3D References

Working with formulas & functions

  • Enter a range within a formula by dragging
  • Enter formulas in a cell and using the formula bar
  • Revise formulas
  • Use references (absolute and relative)
  • Use AutoSum
  • Use Paste Function to insert a function
  • Use basic functions (AVERAGE, SUM, COUNT, MIN, MAX)
  • Enter functions using the formula palette
  • Use date functions (NOW and DATE)
  • Use financial functions (FV and PMT)
  • Use logical functions (IF)

Using charts and objects

  • Preview and print charts
  • Use chart wizard to create a chart
  • Modify charts
  • Insert, move, and delete an object (picture)
  • Create and modify lines and objects


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