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Excel 2000 Expert


Microsoft Excel 2000 Expert Exam Objectives

Skill Sets

Exam Objectives

Importing and exporting data

  • Import data from text files (insert, drag and drop)
  • Import from other applications
  • Import a table from an HTML file (insert, drag and drop - including HTML round tripping)
  • Export to other applications

Using templates

  • Apply templates
  • Edit templates
  • Create templates

Using multiple workbooks

  • Using a workspace
  • Link workbooks

Formatting numbers

  • Apply number formats (accounting, currency, number)
  • Create custom number formats
  • Use conditional formatting

Printing workbooks

  • Print and preview multiple worksheets
  • Use the Report Manager

Working with named ranges

  • Add and delete a named range
  • Use a named range in a formula
  • Use Lookup Functions (Hlookup or Vlookup)

Working with toolbars

  • Hide and display toolbars
  • Customize a toolbar
  • Assign a macro to a command button

Using macros

  • Record macros
  • Run macros
  • Edit macros

Auditing a worksheet

  • Work with the Auditing Toolbar
  • Trace errors (find and fix errors)
  • Trace precedents (find cells referred to in a specific formula)
  • Trace dependents (find formulas that refer to a specific cell)

Displaying and Formatting Data

  • Apply conditional formats
  • Perform single and multi-level sorts
  • Use grouping and outlines
  • Use data forms
  • Use subtotaling
  • Apply data filters
  • Extract data
  • Query databases
  • Use data validation

Using analysis tools

  • Use PivotTable autoformat
  • Use Goal Seek
  • Create pivot chart reports
  • Work with Scenarios
  • Use Solver
  • Use data analysis and PivotTables
  • Create interactive PivotTables for the Web
  • Add fields to a PivotTable using the Web browser

Collaborating with workgroups

  • Create, edit and remove a comment
  • Apply and remove worksheet and workbook protection
  • Change workbook properties
  • Apply and remove file passwords
  • Track changes (highlight, accept, and reject)
  • Create a shared workbook
  • Merge workbooks


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