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The Microsoft Office Specialist Program

What's it all about, anyway?

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification sets the first global standard for desktop productivity across Microsoft® Office applications. The MOS program gives you Proof you know how to use Microsoft Office applications efficiently and productively.  Becoming a Specialist means you are more valuable to an employer, and more marketable as an employee.

OK, So How Do I Become a Specialist?

Step 1  Determine which Microsoft product and level you want to prove your skills on.

About Those Levels...

The MOS program offers two levels of certification: Core and Expert.  The level you choose depends on your skills and experience.

Step 2  Assess your skills and get prepared.

How Do I Assess My Experience?

You can start by taking a look here.  You'll find an Exam Preparation Guide that describes a list of skills you'll need to demonstrate in order to become a Specialist at the level you choose.

Step 3  Take and pass a Microsoft Office Specialist exam.

Tell Me More About This Test.

The exam is not a written test.  Instead, it features real-world assignments that are based on the way you actually use your computer.  Using an actual document, for example, you'll be asked to perform a series of tasks that clearly demonstrate your desktop computing skills.

The typical exam takes less than an hour-and in some cases as little as 30 minutes.  It all depends on how efficiently you work.  You see, in addition to measuring your skills, each exam also gauges your productivity.

And the reward for passing?  A Microsoft Office Specialist certificate.  It's a valuable credential recognized worldwide as proof that you've got the desktop computing skills you need to work more productively and more efficiently than many of your peers.

Get Proof.  Take the Test.

I'm Ready to Prove Myself.  Now What?

Take the exam.  Certify your productivity by contacting us at

Becoming a Microsoft Office Specialist proves to the world that you have the comprehensive skills to drive a wide range of tasks to completion.  And do it with the kind of efficiency that businesses need.  And employers notice.

You've always known you had something better to offer.  Now you can prove it.



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