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PowerPoint 2000


Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Exam Objectives

Skill Sets

Exam Objectives

Creating a presentation

  • Delete slides
  • Create a specified type of slide
  • Create a presentation from a template and/or a Wizard
  • Navigate among different views (slide, outline, sorter, tri-pane)
  • Create a new presentation from existing slides
  • Copy a slide from one presentation into another
  • Insert headers and footers
  • Create a Blank presentation
  • Create a presentation using the AutoContent Wizard
  • Send a presentation via e-mail

Modifying a presentation

  • Change the order of slides using Slide Sorter view
  • Find and replace text
  • Change the layout for one or more slides
  • Modify the Slide Master
  • Modify slide sequence in the outline pane
  • Apply a design template

Working with text

  • Check spelling
  • Change and replace text fonts (individual slide and entire presentation)
  • Enter text in tri-pane view
  • Import Text from Word
  • Change the text alignment
  • Create a text box for entering text
  • Use the Wrap text in TextBox feature
  • Use the Office Clipboard
  • Use the Format Painter
  • Promote and Demote text in slide & outline panes

Working with visual elements

  • Add a picture from the ClipArt Gallery
  • Add and group shapes using WordArt or the Drawing Toolbar
  • Apply formatting
  • Add text to a graphic object using a text box
  • Scale and size an object including ClipArt
  • Create tables within PowerPoint
  • Rotate and fill an object

Customizing a presentation

  • Add AutoNumber bullets
  • Add speaker notes
  • Add graphical bullets
  • Add slide transitions
  • Animate text and objects

Creating output

  • Preview presentation in black and white
  • Print slides in a variety of formats
  • Print audience handouts
  • Print speaker notes in a specified format

Delivering a presentation

  • Start a slide show on any slide
  • Use on screen navigation tools
  • Print a slide as an overhead transparency
  • Use the pen during a presentation

Managing files

  • Save changes to a presentation
  • Save as a new presentation
  • Publish a presentation to the Web
  • Use Office Assistant
  • Insert hyperlink


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