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Project 2000 Expert


Microsoft Project 2000 Expert Exam Objectives

Skill Sets

Exam Objectives

Resource Management

  • Set an accrual option for a resource cost
  • Create and apply rate tables to resource assignments
  • Modify task priority values
  • Set precedence when linking to the resource pool
  • Use leveling options
  • Apply resource contours
  • Modify resource availability over time
  • Update/refresh the resource pool
  • Modify resource usage view
  • Share resources using a resource pool

Track a Project

  • Disable Split-in project tasks
  • Enter overtime work
  • Enable resources to delegate tasks using Project Central
  • Enter actual costs
  • Create interim plans
  • Set project information dates
  • Set options governing how tasks will honor constraint dates
  • Compress the overall duration of a project schedule
  • Enter remaining work or remaining duration values

Create a Project Plan

  • Enter fixed costs
  • Enter various costs for resources
  • Create and use templates
  • Modify task calendar options
  • Assign resources with different units or hours of work to the same task
  • Apply views which analyze slack and slip

Communicating project information

  • Create and use a custom data map
  • Use flag and text fields
  • Use Organizer to customize a project file
  • Create a new custom report incorporating custom tables and filters
  • Display current, interim, and baseline plans in a Gantt chart

General Project Management Concepts

  • Set options to calculate multiple critical paths
  • Calculate cost of work performed (earned value analysis)
  • Create activity reports to manage slack

Customizing MS Project

  • Set AutoAccept rules for resources in Project Central
  • Create and use custom forms
  • Set accessibility and user options
  • Set Security options in Project Central
  • Create users and permissions in Project Central
  • Create and manage views and categories in Project Central
  • Format Gantt charts in Project Central
  • Set various Microsoft Project options in the Options dialog box
  • Customize the global template file

Customizing a project

  • Create a custom box style in the network diagram
  • Modify code mask
  • Record, assign, and play a macro
  • Set calculation options

Multi-project management

  • View multiple critical paths in a consolidated project
  • Modify inserted project information


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