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Word 2000 Expert


Microsoft Word 2000 Expert Exam Objectives

Skill Sets

Exam Objectives

Working with paragraphs

  • Apply paragraph and section shading
  • Use text flow options (Windows/Orphans options and keeping lines together)
  • Sort lists, paragraphs, tables

Working with documents

  • Create and modify page borders
  • Format first page differently than subsequent pages
  • Use bookmarks
  • Create and edit styles
  • Create watermarks
  • Use find and replace with formats, special characters and non-printing elements
  • Balance column length (using column breaks appropriately)
  • Create or revise footnotes and endnotes
  • Work with master documents and subdocuments
  • Create and modify a table of contents
  • Create cross-reference
  • Create and modify an index

Using tables

  • Embed worksheets in a table
  • Perform calculations in a table
  • Link Excel data as a table
  • Modify worksheets in a table

Working with pictures and charts

  • Add bitmapped graphics
  • Delete and position graphics
  • Create and modify charts
  • Import data into charts

Using mail merge

  • Create main document
  • Create data source
  • Sort records to be merged
  • Merge main document and data source
  • Generate labels
  • Merge a document using alternate data sources

Using advanced features

  • Insert a field
  • Create, apply and edit macros
  • Copy, rename, and delete macros
  • Create and modify form
  • Create and modify a form control (e.g., add an item to a drop-down list)
  • Use advanced text alignment features with graphics
  • Customize toolbars

Collaborating with workgroups

  • Create and format tables
  • Insert comments
  • Protect documents
  • Create multiple versions of a document
  • Track changes to a document
  • Set default file location for workgroup templates
  • Round Trip documents from HTML


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