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What’s in OFFICETech Info/Clip?

Each issue of OFFICETech Info/Clip is dedicated to bringing you timesaving techniques, cutting-edge software information and valuable guides to help your business from recruiting to operational expansion.

The newsletter is designed to provide you with valuable information that will enable you to become a more productive computer user and an astute personnel development professional.

If you’ve spent any time working with computers, you know that getting where you want to go, accomplishing the task at hand, fixing a problem, can be pretty complex — How do you work efficiently? How do you make sure that your team has all the resources enabling them to work efficiently?

We’ll provide you with the information, we’ll guide you through decision making, we’ll even provide you with instant solutions and long term tips and tricks.

Our goal is to create power users that make educated decisions concerning their training and support needs by working in partnership with their computers to achieve success.

Also, discover timesaving strategies and practical solutions to all of your computing problems through in-depth articles covering complex techniques and quick tips you can use right away.


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Microsoft Word Tip on creating a model

If you created a letter or memo, this standardized document probably includes your company logo, address and a designated area were you only have to change the information for the current communication.

Then, and this is where we all get caught at one point, you have to resave the new document under a different name if you want to save a copy of the communication of course.

Since we are commonly used to click on the save button or press Ctrl+S, you more than likely will end up overwriting the current document loosing its content.

To avoid loosing precious information by overwriting and specially if you consider the document as a model stationary, do the following:

Open the model document (ex: your memo).

Remove all specific information and leave only the outline of the memo.

Select File, click on Save As, then in the file type drop down box, select Document Template.

Name the file, click the Save button, then close the document.

The next time you want to create a letter, select File, New.


Q. - "If only it were this simple..."

A. - "It is"
Try this tip.

Team Work and Organizing your file

If you are working on a network and share files with your team in a shared area where you’ve created multiple folders — This tip is for you.

By default, the Microsoft Office bundle brings you to the My Documents folder, every time you Save or Open a new file.

You can create a shortcut to your team folder right in the My Documents folder for easy double-click access to a shared location.

To create the new shortcut: Launch Windows Explorer (Start, Programs, Windows Explorer). Make sure the C: Drive appears expanded (you can see a minus sign in front of the Drive letter).

Find your Team folder and using your mouse, you will click and drag using the right mouse button. Drag the Team folder on top of the My Documents folder. When the My Documents folder is blue or selected, let go of the right mouse button and select Create Shortcut(s) Here.

The next time you access My Documents, your Team folder will be a double-click away.

Before buying an expensive personal information manager, make sure its compatible with your messaging software.  Sharing Contacts is a must and you don't want to have to re-enter this information to mass mail for example.


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